Lets just say Hustle is the ability to interact with positive chance, allowing you to create opportunities which are not really there and having the know how of how to realize them. hustlers understand one basic fact, opportunities come attached to people.

Getting To Know The Right People
We all are aware of stories of nepotism or experienced one our self. Nepotism is a nasty word for nasty practice. The term originated with the assignment of nephews to cardinal positions by Catholic popes and bishops. Nepotism is found in politics, entertainment, business and religion,  is a fact of life. The length, breath and depth of out networks predict our success rate, only if we know how to use them right.

Recruiting People for Your Cause
Every new concept, new idea needs help from inside. Call it “putting in a word” or “pushing it from my side” everyone needs help from above to get their work moving in forward direction.  We all have them, some call them mentors or sponsors – the kind of person you will vouch for you behind closed doors, help you dodge a bullet or two, stand up for you in all fairness when other wont, all-in-all a great elder.

When we uncover the lives of successful people, there’s often the element of hustle involved, for the first buy-in, for the first sale, for the first investor or to just pull together a great crew. Its the will keep exposing yourself to opportunities of positive chance till you get a hit.

Hustle is hard to deconstruct. Its not something you learn, like for accounting or public speaking. Its more like a state of mind which one develops consciously or unconsciously.

Even if you’re a genius, you still need to be connected.