In today’s digital generation of instant messaging and search, we are leaving behind activities which make us really feel more human. I’m talking about the small things which make a big difference to us. Some call them being “old school” but being old school was never as thoughtful and delightful as in today’s digitally saturated lifestyle. Keeping up with technology is important, I make a living working off it but sometimes our old technology carries with it the weight of someone being thoughtful, being meaningful and  being original, something which I find to be irreplaceable and makes me feel more human.

Here is a list of such things you can start doing to instantly brighten up your day:

  1.  Write Hand Written Letters/Notes:

    I know email exists. Its instant and 100% reliable but there are times when an emil just doesn’t cut it. Acknowledging someone’s birthday, expressing sympathy or thanking someone are good examples of when writing a hand written note is appropriate. The feeling of receiving a letter, having the chance of unfolding a piece of paper not knowing the sender, is a feeling an email can never deliver.  Emails are necessary for quick response in a business setup but a letter is personal and heartfelt. Besides we all would like to receive something other than bills and magazines in our mailbox, wouldn’t we? So write to your grandparents or to a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages.

  2. Journaling/Keeping a Dairy:

    Journaling your thoughts or writing a dairy entry at the end of the day helps one to reflect on their daily life, its not the same as making notes or your evernote. The feeling of pen on paper, the scribbling and doodling freestyle between lines will give you a sense of satisfaction like no other. Write your heart out, places you want to go, things you want to do, maintain a bucket list if you like.  The blankness of  pure text on  your evernote will never communicate the rich thought you first put down.

  3. Morning Tea and  Newspaper:

    You might have seen this scene in movies or your favourite TV show where they’ll show a character just sit calmly in the balcony with a hot beverage and a newspaper. Its not surprising you see all of those great characters  do it for a reason. Those 10mins of your morning  without the constant chatter of city noise and distractions of social media notifications help you be clear in the head and progressively energise you for your day head.

  4. The Great Outdoors

    Go outside and play. Move. Pick a sport, or go running or just go on a long walk. Physical exercise releases endorphins, which acts like a natural drug to make a person more energetic, more awake and yes, happier.  Its the perfect way to get out of your funk. Its something about the outdoors, like putting those muscles to good use which you never knew existed, sweating on the field or the heat you field after a long run/hike which makes space for some new energy and good vibes to fill you up. Personally I consider it the best way to clear my mind and make my creative side grow.

  5. Smile

    Smile at your doorman, smile at that person doing tables at 4am, smile at that colleague you never talked to, smile while you are in line at the general store. A genuine smile is a gift, why not pass some out? If not anything else science will back me up when I say smiling is healthy for your body in a number of ways and if that still doesn’t convince you enough, smile ….cause it confuses people.

  6. Stay in Touch

    Texting doesn’t really cut for it. Like I’m not saying you should not text but by now you would have realised this, texting has become the primary means of communication for most of us. We have grow lazy to make a call or meet one and greet them with our undivided attention.  Some of us would rather text than make calls. Situation based convenience aside, we have grow too lazy to texting and often end up not saying what we really mean cause its too much of an effort to type it out.
    Simply pick up the phone and call. If you are thinking of a reason to convince yourself or your friend on why are they worthy of your call, just tell them about the first thing what popped up in your head which reminded you of him/her and why does it make you smile.

  7. Help Someone

    Everyone can use some help and most people are too afraid to ask for it.  Of course you have a specific skill in the business world which is worth $$$ but sometimes its just good to be good than feel good to be a badass. Help the cabbie by leaving him a big tip, help mom buy that new TV, help the stranger replace that flat type, help your colleague make the monthly report or help buy groceries for your flatmate. If nothing else help fixing someone a meal, everyone loves food.  The question maybe arise “Why help someone? Well because you can. Each one of us can have immense impact on people’s live and perspective with the smallest gestures. Consider it as one of your weekly pay-it-forward deed.

  8. Breathe

    Give those strained eyes a rest and give your soula chance to experience the energy which is you. Close your yes  and breathe in some soul calming oxygen.

  9. Daydream

    Allow yourself to take some time off and just wonder in the uncertainty of your mind. No agenda, no planning, just out right dreaming in the middle of the f**king day.  Treat it like a mini vacation for your brain. There is only one rule, no room for negative self talk.

  10. Say Something You’ve Been Meaning to Say

    Tell someone how you really fell about them instead of waiting because you are scared of what they might think or say. Tell someone what you really want or need from them instead of growing resentment.Tell your parents how grateful you are for having them. Tell your boss how you are ready to take on more responsibility. Tell yourself to be honest and genuine. Sometimes words weigh heavier than they are and letting those words out will make you feel better and put you at peace with yourself. But remember one thing, words could be harsh and often crush more hearts and dreams so tread softly. Be kind.