ReOrientation is three part video series by TSN . I found this first part of the series ” The Culture of Casual Homophobia ” very relate able cause of certain social situations that I experienced and how the discussion turned out to be when we openly talked about it within our friend circle.

Not too long ago I was at a friend’s place and between the poker game, the chit-chat and beer I  casually said “That’s so gay man!” which was quickly followed by a stare from one of my friend, pointing to to one of our friend who is gay. In short she was asking me to be more sensitive and its then when I realized that even though I dont I nothing against  LGBTQQ, I ignorantly  used those words to point to something meaning less, which of course to someone who is gay would be offence. This made me realize a few things:

  • Never before did I think twice about using such words, cause I never knew someone in my circle to be gay
  • and never did I think about how this would affect a gay person especially someone who hasnt come out yet.
  • Being a supporter of LGBTQQ in terms of your outlook is not enough, one consciously need to correct him/herself and others  of the friendly banter that goes around at home, office and outside.

This culture of  casual homophobia is exhibited a lot by generation Y unknowing.  So here a small appeal to everyone to take a moment to recognize this phenomenon and bring a end to it and also make more your friend aware about the same. Its just about being a little sensitive and checking your tongue, nothing much you cant do. Better late than never.