Last year right before I touched the magical figure of 25, I decided never to spend my birthday sitting at home [where ever I might be and what ever I might be calling home] and make it a point to get off my butt and experience something new. I ended up taking a road trip to Himachal Pradesh with a bunch of friends which turned out to be REALLY fun and the stories still dont stop.

This time around  I decided to be a little more ambitious and planned a biking trip to Nepal with a friend of mine from Chandigarh. Long story short a night before our date of leaving I discovered that I have misplaced by registration certificate to the bike, which obviously is mandatory to cross international border. So instead we decided to take a biking trip up the mountains back to Himachal Pradesh to Manali and Kasol. In comparison this was alot shorter but the get-out-and-do-something-new spirit had us going.

That night we decided, tomorrow morning at 10AM we need to head to the mountains; routes, pitstops, food and shelter is something we will figure as it comes [so lazy I tell you 😛 ] The next morning we had a brainstorming session and in 3hrs  we managed to convince 5 of our friends to join in as well, which we considered an achievement of course.

Though we lost most of the video [dont even get me started on that] and some due to bad quality, here is a small video with what was left.

Royal Enfield Standard [Black] 350cc – Siddhant Chaudhary
Royal Enfield Classic [Tan] 500cc – Deeptesh Gill