Its time to start thinking about your business website a little differently.  Ask yourself today “Is your business website working as hard as it should be?” ask yourself “It is really catering to your business bottom line?”

Most website are not! In the digital age of fans, followers and ads some amount of importance has been lifted away from one of the core building blocks of your business i.e your website.  Most websites today work as web sign than bringing new business. Most websites have great design but most are not that effective and arent generating any sales.

I’m sure all website owners would love to have a stronger web presence and get higher returns from their websites but conventional wisdom only tells us to come up with a new design or try the latest SEO gimmick. Now this is reasonably understandable but just like anything is life, there is no short cut to success and there are always a lot of moving parts in a good story.

Below mentioned are 10 strategies for building a better business website. The focus of most business owner are number of visitors to sites which is is an important metric but what if you had a chance to get potentially better leads, with more lifetime value from each account.



Source: Kayak