A review of 2013 social media marketing has produced several “must have” trends for every 2014 marketing plan. As you start planning or replanning budgets as part of your marketing strategy for 2014 here is what you should keep in mind if you wish to reach out to your customers more effectively:

1. Thoroughly Understand your Audience & Business:
University of California published a report in 2009 in which they concluded that the average person sees over 34 billion bits of information every day. 34 billion bits of information is enormous amounts of information coming your way, its equal to reading 2 books a day. In this high information and aesthetically saturated era of online media people are beginning to zone out, going about the internet for information as zombies for blood, and their attention is becoming a rare commodity.

2. Join the “Mobile Revolution”
With technology getting cheaper and afforable for everyone people are dumping their desktops behind and getting engrossed in their mobile and tablets. Smart phones are quickly outnumbering other kind of technology, also tablets are becoming the new laptop in corporate set ups thus ushering in what many are dubbing “the mobile revolution.” So it is important businesses take their digital properties beyond just mobile phones in 2014. These digital properties need to be responsive  and need to adjust to any viewing capability  of any mobile device. The quotient for delivery for real time information based on relevance and location, so digital properties must also be search engine optimized for local search. Audiences are looking for more one-to-one personalization  and mobile technology is the answer to empower business owner to deliver the same.

3. Predictive Tools
Analytics wooed everyone in the past  with our past experience we have derived meaning analytic  to suit our businesses but now he have grown accustomed to simple analytic tools. Today with the recent bang of big data predictive tools are gaining more interest, these techniques range from data mining, machine learning, modeling and statistics to drive analysis of historical information to make predictions. We dont have a lead in this area and how this might shape up in the industry but business owners are looking to use all the diverse data to predictive consumer behavior, market reaction etc

These  3 Social Media “Must Have” Trends for 2014  will help marketesr effectively reach their audiences wherever they are and will be found. The word is out  and we can expect 2014 to be the year of positive customer experience and exemplary customer service.