If you are in your 30s, Snapchat might not be a hit with you. With the ever growing number of social networking its hard to keep up with every new platform out there. While you were connecting with friends on facebook, following your celebs on twitter and networking with your business peeps on Linkedin, who needs another social networking app. A typical response to the question “Do you use snapchat?” is..

Snapchat? That’s just for teenagers who want to send each other inappropriate photos.

And you’d have been wrong.

While your mom slowly made her way to Facebook and you worked on your business game leveraging LinkedIn, Snapchat has been booming. Snapchat has more than 200 million users who shell out 800 millions photos and videos every day. Facebook has been facing competition from other fast-growing social networks like Snapchat, and cannibalization from its own property, Instagram. The self distructing media property, along with 10sec media legnth makes snapchat quick and easy. The percentage of Snapchat daily users that contribute content is 60% which is huge. Needless to say, brands have noticed and smart entrepreneurs are using snapchat to build stronger personal brand and businesses.

Here are four personal snapchat brands and four corporate snapchat brands that are doing Snapchat right. If you are reading this on a mobile device and have Snapchat installed, just click on the username links to add these brands.

    1. Gary Vaynerchuk (garyvee)

      When Gary recommends you a platform to get to, you can be sure it worth looking ou for. Gary has been recommending Snapchat for over an year now, which is also because he has invested in the App but he is very public about it. Gary uses snapchat in between calls and meetings to show his daily hustle and also to deliver Call-to-Actions. On his recent trip to London to promote his latest book, Gary gave this followers a surprise by calling everyone to an open meetup at Soho Square and to his surprise 250+ people turned at 10pm in the night.

    2. Jerome Jarre (Jeromejarre)

      Jerome is a Vine social-media star who was the fourth-most followed individual on Vine. Jerome recetly made his transition to snapchat and his spontaneous meetups promoted on Snapchat have created flash mobs of as many as 5,000 people. How is that for a Call-to-Action. Follow Jerome to see how at-home Millennials are with social media.

    3. Jackie Aina (jackieaina)

      Jackie Aina is a popular makeup vlogger on Youtube. While she is still very much consistant with her vlog where she tells African-American women how to apply cosmetics which makes for the bread and butter. On snapchat she lets her followers see into her personal life.

    4. Audi (audi)

      Audi deserve a mention as its widely credited with winning Super Bowl XLVIII after they teamed up with The Onion to share stock images with witty captions as the game progressed. MIllinnials on snapchat thoroughly enjoyed the show and the stories generated 100,000 views and 37 million social impressions.

    5. Marriott Hotels (marriotthotels)

      Marriott Hotels took a different route. They brought in four influencers to co-create content for them and skipped the ads. With Airbnb winning millennials hearts and wallet, the challenge was to see if they can get Millennials to do business with them. The strategy was content, community, and commerce. The infleuncers involved discussed cities to visit, shared stories from those locations and one influencer travelled to Haiti to show  hte opening of the company’s new hotel and the country’s recovery from the 2010 earthquake.

    6. Domino’s Pizza UK (dominos_uk)

      Folks at Domino’s never stop experimenting with their social media. In 2015 they were the first brand to use Tinder as a Valentine’s Day special and then “Tweet to Eat” which let anyone order on twitter by tweeting a pizza emoji.

      Following is their snapchat story which show a deliver boy run through an adventure to make a delivery.

      Because snapchat doesnt run any analytics unless you use Snapchat for paid Ads, the team calculated the campaigns effectiveness through tracking the unique discount codes it shared through its channel.

    7. The New York Times (nytimes)

      Everyone at NYT from writers to editors uses snapchat, sometimes poking fun at their misunderstanding of it, other times using it as a storytelling platform.  Check out the Snapchat Story below from Nick Bilton, one of The Times’ writers. The Story is very meta: It shows his friend teaching him how to use Snapchat so he can write a story for The Times about how to write Snapchat Stories.

      Like other brands, it’s very much a raw, behind-the-scenes look into the life of the writer.

    8. The Ellen Show (ellen)

      Television usually roll with a hashtag in a corner when it comes to social media. Facebook allows them to share trailers and clips. Ellen Degeneres announced her arrival on Snapchat on Twitter… and got users behind the scenes of The Ellen Show with a special guest(s) and the offer of Grammy tickets.



As humans we are hardwired to consume stories, no matter the platform. With the success of the aobve mentioned snapchat brands and entrepreneurs, the thought that you can ignore Snapchat would be a big mistake. So get cracking and embrace the creative storytelling era on Snapchat.