Is your company’s non marketing department contributing to Marketing efforts positively? More often than not, non marketing departments are impacting your business negatively because most employees perform tasks that, on their face, don’t relate to marketing. From the CEO to the minimum wage employee running the photostat machine, every employee in a firm has the capacity to impact your brand – the brand so carefully developed  and promoted by your marketing team.

The number one reason why this happens is because non marketing departments fail to take advantage of the many  marketing opportunities that come their way. By being familiar with the most common mistakes, non-marketing departments can forge a stronger cross-departmental marketing strategy and ensure that your brand is protected by your entire staff.

  1. Leaving Data on the Table
    Most common mistake made by non-marketing departments is failing to ask new customers how they heard about your business.In essence, marketing is the process of promoting and selling to attract new customers and keep current customers coming back for more. An important part of this  is to track marketing channels and know which channels and campaign are earning your business the highest returns.So if your sales department, as an example, receives a call from a potential customer, your rep must make it a point to ask where did the customer hear about your organization otherwise they are leaving crucial data on the table.
  2. Facilitate Cross-Department Communication
    All departments must be prepared to exchange relevant information among one another. Failing to having these proper channel of communication will lead to inconsistent branding, bad customer service, and a very distorted marketing strategy.Businesses always struggle with overlapping responsibilities  of their sales and marketing departments and businesses need to to iron out smooth communication between these departments according to their business models.  If a business can setup processes and a efficient communication channel to execute the two way information exchange  and reduce the cross department the business would benefit. When new customers share where they first heard about your business, this information can be systematically passed on to other department to whom this information is crucial.
  3. Leaving IT out of MarketingWith the every increasing use of technology, we are part of the “big data” era which is a result of advanced technological capabilities in data analysis and networking and also a workforce which is well versed with computers. Data, on the other hand is only as useful as you make it or allow it to be.
    So before setting up the IT for your business be sure to consider the marketing department needs in terms of data, networked devices and free flowing information from all sources. This information should be electronically available 24×7.
    If marketing departments has this access to data, marketing strategies can be better tracked and optimized to assure best ROI and  meet department bottom line.
    In order to make it happen, your IT team needs to be instructed to make data accessibility a priority. Generally IT teams are absorbed with securing data and employee-data accessibility is not really a priority. But by getting the right data, marketing departments can make the investment on IT totally the money and time.
  4. Don’t Forget the Brand
    Arguably the most damaging marketing mistake made by non-marketing departments forgetting to practice the company’s brand, or worse, not understand the brand of the company. A brand is your company’s image, and the brand’s core message is enacted by the entire staff.
    Many stress the importance of company culture and values, though that is important, that is not enough to be a great company. A company’s brand is the promise to all its customers and delivering to that promise 100% should be your number one priority.  Your staff need to realize this and apply it in all domains of their work.

  5. Cross Function and Feedback
    In today’s market customer is king. Customer service is of utmost importance and marketers are trying to figure what makes these customers tick or what makes their life easier so go that extra mile to impress their customers. Some companies do this very well and this is because of people who take cross function discussions seriously, people who really are determined to know about what go in to make a great product of service so that they can find space to improvise. The feedback chain with customers is marketers favorite  place to find this space. Between the genuine exceptional case of inconvenience to a customer to the customer who is pushing his luck, you can find valuable ideas of how can you make life for you customers easier and hopefully surprise them the next time they expect things to go wrong. Non marketing departments can always pitch in with valuable input as some of them are front line sales men and some of them are themselves customers of similar products or service.

Non-Marketing department make a lot of mistakes on a daily basis are they underestimate their role as brand ambassador  and brand builders for a company. Be sure to look at marketing as a cross departmental strategy.