If by any means you have been using the internet, you would know that visual content and social media go hand-in-hand.  All social media network which have recently taken over us after Facebook have done so by adding visual content feature or amplifying the one they already had. 

Design aesthetics and messaging play a key role in engaging audiences online but with the range of social networks and they visual content features, its all adds to an equal volume of frustration to keep track of the dimensions of every piece of visual social media content.  Every time you make something to post on Facebook, you have to work out a different set for Twitter and Youtube cause nothing seems to fit everything and we are left  Google’ing dimensions to get the right fit.

Created by Tent Social, this “ridiculously exhaustive” infographic is exactly what everyone has been searching for. This is what we call “GOLD”. The infographic provides you not only the social media image dimensions but also the character count  of the seven most prominent social networks.