Brandon Stanton, the 29 year old photographer who is also the creator of the Arts/Humanities Website “Humans of New York” is bringing the human aspect back on the much tech savvy generation through his work as a storyteller.

With 1.5 million fans on Facebook, more than 33,000 followers on Twitter Humans of New York [HONY] is one of the most  appreciated and celebrated online community.

For Brandon what started as his love for photography has now changed into a medium for story telling. His decision to follow his impulse is not bring joy and smile to thousands across the web.

Below some of the most fascinating stories from HONY:

Stanton’s efforts  are coming alive in the book titled Humans of New York which is a book set for release on Oct. 15. , it is  a compilation of Stanton’s best work, and also includes 75 never-before-seen portraits.