Self development expert Anthony “Tony” Robbins speaks at the TED Conference on Why we do what we do, what motivates people. Robbins insists that he isn’t a motivator, but instead he is out to find what motivates people and what it is that makes the difference in the quality of people’s lives. He discusses in brief the core human needs that drive people.

The reason this particular talk  caught my attention is due to some of the topics Tony Robbin touches upon and how he draws their connection to our lives. More over the interesting question “Why we do what we do?” if answered, is like finding a hardwired connection for humans. Can it be hacked?

  1. Emotion: Human emotion is one of the most interesting and controversial topics in psychology, a source of intense discussion and disagreement from the earliest philosophers and other thinkers to the present day. Tony uses Emotion as a force to drive oneself to contribute and fulfill yourself in any aspect of life. So one must give it a thought, how often can we draw a simple connection between jobs we acquire, work we do and success we wish to achieve with emotion. Are we emotionally connected with our 9-5 job? Is it a emotion of dependency or an emotion of euphoria?
  2. Invisible Forces: Talking about invisible forces in a room of well learned people is never easy. Far more often invisible forces take shape of god, religion and work of holy men in our society to make sense out of things we do not understand.  Though Tony’s use of Invisible Forces is to describe affect of how we wish to react to a situation and more so how our body, our mind reacts to a situation.
  3. 6 Human Needs: This out of all makes the most sense. The 6 human needs explained by Tony seem to play well in our society and stay true for all generations, though our model of the world  seems to be changing landscape every decade with the digital era on how we see and measure some of these needs.